Four Peaks

This past weekend I had the amazing opportunity to hike Four Peaks (in an attempt to work off all the food I ate for thanksgiving).  This mountain range is the highest in the Maricopa county area and was no easy feat to get to.  It took two hours from my house in Glendale to get there, most of it due to dirt roads.  However it was beyond beautiful and I would recommend it to anyone, especially around sunset. Here are some of the photographic results!

Yulia Brodskaya

Yulia Brodaka is a well known paper artist and illustrator.  Her work consists of only two products, Paper and glue.  What makes her work unique is the fact that it has a 3D element to it and has created her own technique and style.  She has had some major clients including Starbucks, Target and Hermes.

Check out the rest of her work

Eight Years of Self Portraits

Mariell Amelie is a London based photographer who worked on this last series of self portraits for eight years. She traveled and would document all the places with her in the images.  These are some of the most beautiful portraits I have seen in a while. Mariell seems to dress and reflect the scenery around her in all of the images. Its also a fun game to guess where in the world she was at the time.

Enjoy the rest of her work