Flowers in Progress

Noel Badges is an inspiring artist who creates realistic illustrations of plants.  Using pens, inks and paints his work comes to life and brings us these beautiful flowers.  Noel also works on many architectural illustrations and brings his same unique style to any work he produces.

Check out the rest of his work here


Nina Warmerdam is a Dutch print designer who lives in Paris.  She went back to her roots recently with a project she has titled Imprints.  Throughout the project Nina created a piece every 48 hours within a year. Thats dedication folks! Im in love with all the pieces that involve all different kinds of wings <3 Make a dress of these please!

Check out the rest of her works:

Rebel Walls

Rebel walls is a swedish wallpaper brand that aims to make traditional wallpaper more exciting.  They take natural and manmade textures and turn them into beautiful wall pieces that look nothing like that ugly wallpaper you’d find at grandmas house.  Decorate my house please!!!!

Check out their site here: