Bear Kirkpatrick

Bear Kirkpatrick defines his imagery as evidence, documents of past and present human psychological states.  He is presently working to develop a model to prove that acquired characteristics are not only inheritable as a result of natural selection and artificial selection, but also as the result of psychological selection as created by the environmental pressure of human memory.

This man is a pure genius! The way he describes his work and the thought process behind it is probably one of the best articulated descriptions of ones work I have ever heard! Please go and check out the rest of his work!

Check out the rest of his work here:

Light Drawing

Darius Twin is a unique artist residing in Los Angeles.  At night he explores the city looking for the perfect spot to start one of his giant light sculptures. With the help of long exposure photography his ideas come to life. Im normally not a huge fan of light art but I really love Darius work.  He clearly knows what he’s doing and his works are complex and large with a clear understanding of how to draw basically blind.  Its amazing he’s able to accomplish these giant feats.

Check out his website and the rest of his work

ASU D2 Pac 8 Hockey

I have so many hockey pictures its insane!  And when I actually get a few seconds to sit down and edit them they become my new favorite photos! So here they are :) and if yo would please and go like the teams facebook and other social media sites below that would be much appreciated! xoxo

IG : @ASU_D2_Pac8

Twitter: @ASUPac8Hockey

Old Photos

I was going through and editing some old photos recently and stumbled upon these gems! Had to share with you all :) They were taken on a mountain in Arizona called Four Peaks.  I was blessed with some amazing company who didnt mind me stopping every few feet to take pictures of everything, so thanks friends for supporting my crazy photo obsession!

Kelly McKernan

Kelly McKernan is a fine artist and illustrator from Georgia.  Her work represents personal growth through internal struggle, which is maybe why everyone can be drawn to one image or another.  I first loved her work because of the creativity involved, then I was drawn to the fact that its a personal style that everyone can relate to.  Her pieces are beautiful and beyond the norm and I cant get enough of them.

Check out the rest of her work here

Embroidered Landscapes

These insane embroidered landscaped were created by artist Ana Teresa Barboza.  Whats unique about her pieces is the fact that they spill out of the frame that is suppose to encase them.  They bring in the surrounding wall space and make the piece go from 2D to 3D.  Her work is super colorful and is such a creative way on the classic landscape that I cant help but love this series!

Check out the rest of Barboza’s work here: